Want to See Exactly How It Is Done?

In this training, I show you over the shoulder, EXACTLY what I do to create an affiliate campaign and do launch jacking correctly. 

Learn what a 6 figure affiliate and top 5% Warrior Plus Affiliate does to promote a product.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Training:

How to research the right product to promote from a giant list of products

Every day a bunch of new products are launched but they are not all worth promoting. Some have quality issues. And some are flat out the better product that you should promote. I will teach you how to decide which product to go after. 

I show you how to create your review video

Learn how to map out and create your product review video quickly and no, you do not have to be on camera for this!

I show you how to create unique bonuses for your customers and how to deliver them in a systematic, organized, autopilot way!

I will show you why I win the leaderboards in affiliate competitions. How to create high-value bonuses that no one else can offer because YOU CREATED THEM FROM SCRATCH!


Say goodbye to giving out rehashed, boring, PLR bonuses to your future customers. These bonuses that everyone else gives away have no value. Learn how to do it the right way!

I show you how to rank your videos #1 for competitive keywords!

I just added a 20-minute video to this product that shows you exactly how I rank my videos #1.

One of my customers asked how I rank my videos

I have many methods that I have used to rank my videos #1 but there is one way in particular that almost guarantees a top 3 spot, even on the most competitive terms. 

I just added a BRAND NEW 20 MINUTE TRAINING to this Launch Jacking OTO!

The Truth About Launch Jacking

Most marketers tell you that the steps to affiliate success are EASY or SIMPLE But I am not going to put you through that nonsense again. 

The steps for the most part are simple but they are not easy. You don't get rich overnight. That really doesn't exist in this business. 

But, if you follow the steps in this special One Time Offer training, then you will be on your way to creating product reviews that are high value and that your customers will wait for your review to come out before they buy the product. 

With Launch Jacking, you need to be unique in a competitive crowd. Be yourself, offer high-value reviews and high-value custom bonuses, and you will reap the rewards.  

Grab "Launch Jacking: Watch Me Build An Affiliate Campaign Right In Front Of You" while you can at the introductory price below.

This is a special launch pricing and the price will increase after this short launch. I teach what I do in real-time to make 6 figures per year launching my own products and promoting others' products.

In the past couple months, I have made 20k from Launch Jacking Methods from just a couple products. Learn how I select the right product for my audience and in a high integrity and ethical way, promote the product like others don't!  

If you are looking to build a real business online, then you need the right information to connect the dots to get started. This is that training. 

See below, Results from this exact training. I did a launch jack case study recording everything I do, and ranked #1 and made sales.

In this particular launch, it ended up not being the "big product" of the day so there were not many sales, but the teachings and methods are so good, I still made sales! I show you all this inside this training. 

You just need to apply what you learn in this training to all your affiliate launch jacks, and you will be on your way to success!

For a VERY small launch that did not do well, I still made sales! This stuff works, flat out...

And for another product, I promoted and applied Launch Jacking techniques to in Feb/March of 2023 took 1st place in the affiliate contest in one of the largest products in the past 30 days on Warrior Plus

Anyone can get started with launch jacking. It is the people that create unique bonuses and do honest reviews that stand out from the crowd. 

Learn exactly how to accomplish this in this training.

Grab this limited time offer below!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I made over 125k in 2022 from Affiliate Marketing and Launch Jacking

I sell affiliate products from major affiliate platforms like:

  • Warrior Plus
  • JVZoo
  • Paykickstart
  • Impact
  • Gumroad
  • Thrivecart
  • and many more

I have had success launch jacking and I show you exactly how I do it in this One Time Offer product. 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this digital product there are no refunds available.


Due to digital products risk of abuse, this product has a strict NO REFUND policy. I can assure you that the highest integrity, quality, and details went into creating this training product. I cannot guarantee you will make any money at all from this product. This product is meant as an educational resource only. Please Do not purchase this product if you do not have the means to purchase this educational product. 

Meet Your Instructor

I have been making money online for 10 years and want to see you succeed too. 

I create unique courses that don't include fluff or

over-hyped promises that are just fake and not realistic. 

I believe that if you set your mind to something and take massive action, YOU WILL SUCCEED. YOU MUST SUCCEED. 

See you inside my course....

David Mills

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